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Cheyenne County nursing staff is excitedly preparing for the return of the OB program, beginning in August. Soon you will hear the cry of a newborn or see a nurse wheeling a bassinette down the halls. Dr. Brown will be joining our team to deliver babies here in Cheyenne County.
“It will be a great asset to have back in our facility for all the new families either joining or coming back to the community. I am very excited to be a part of the team!” said Nicole Kinen RN.
Dr. Brown will be here full time starting August 11 and is currently taking obstetrical patients. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas Medical School and the Smokey Hills Family Medicine Residency. She is well versed in Family Medicine and Obstetrics and enjoys taking care of your entire family. 
"We are going to hit the ground running this fall.  I am excited to work with the nurses at Cheyenne County Hospital and bring this needed service back to our community. We want to give families the option of delivering close to home. The birth of a child is a special time and is even more special when it can be shared amongst familiar faces, family and friends. I look forward to a busy year ahead!"
The staff is making preparations and looks forward to the excitement new babies bring to our hospital and our community. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Brown. 
Also making preparations for the return of the OB program is the nursing department, which has two Certified Breastfeeding Educators, Lori Raile, RN and Dana Raile. We offer pre delivery consultations, where we can help you with buying breastfeeding supplies and talk about your expectations or cover any questions you may have, we also offer in hospital visits after the delivery of your baby and appointments/phone consultations after discharge. 
Breastfeeding is the perfect nutrition for babies but can sometimes bring challenges. Having someone to use as a resource, to call with questions or concerns greatly increases breastfeeding success.  Please use us as a resource to help you meet your breastfeeding goals. We are happy to help!

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