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Nex-Generation student internship

Alyssa Pierce of Wallace County shares her experience of her internship at Cheyenne County Hospital/Clinic/County Health Department


A new 64 slice CT will be installed in September 2021

 GE Revolution Maxima provides innovative solutions for your entire CT experience from referral to report, including an incredible new way to automate patient positioning.
Our innovative AI-based Auto Positioning completely automates this step. The Xtream camera uses real-time depth sensing technology to generate a 3D model of your patient’s body. Then, using our deep learning algorithm, Revolution Maxima pinpoints the 3D center of the scan range and automatically aligns it with the isocenter of the bore. With one click, Auto Positioning uses all of this information to automatically center your patient for a completely hands-free positioning experience.


Cheyenne County Hospital recently purchased a new C-arm system to better assist our pain management clinic. The GE OEC One “all in mobile C-arm” provides improved image quality and synchronized imaging with dual monitors. It features low dose capabilities to decrease the amount of radiation directly to the patient as well as scatter radiation for the CRNA, techs, and all others involved. It has artifact reduction capabilities to decrease artifact and make a clearer image. The OEC ONE has multiple collimating features that also allow for a more coned in view of the anatomy and reduction of radiation dose.  It is a small compact machine that has everything you need in one unit making it easy to maneuver and allows for more room in the OR. This as been a huge asset to our Pain Management Clinic, and we are excited for the advancements CCH has made to better care for our patients.

Cardiopulmonary Services Available

A full time staff are here to provide cardiopulmonary services, cardiac rehabilitation and pulmonary rehabilitation for our community.


 An Aplio500 ultrasound machine-this offers the capability for images including but not limited to: Cardiac, obstetrical/gynecological, breast, abdominal, thyroid, testicles and vascular studies It offers 4D ultrasound for babies, new cardiology imaging and better exploration of lesions and masses.

Patient Portal

You can sign up at the hospital or clinic for the Patient Portal and have access to your health information including test results, request an appointment or request a refill. For more information contact the Hospital business office.

Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine truck is coming every other Tuesday. 


The MRI truck comes to Cheyenne County Hospital on Friday of each week.


Nursing has equipment such as an Accu-Vein; Onmicell for automatic medication dispensing for increased patient safety and patient satisfaction.

Online Healthcare

Online healthcare is now a reality at Cheyenne County Hospital. We are happy that we can help our region by providing interactive healthcare services. Please try out our other online services.

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