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Cardiopulmonary Services Available

Jason Johnson, RTT, RN is on staff at our facilities to provide cardiopulmonary services, cardiac rehabilitation and pulmonary rehabilitation for our community.

Ultrasound upgraded

 An Aplio500 ultrasound machine-this offers the capability for images including but not limited to: Cardiac, obstetrical/gynecological, breast, abdominal, thyroid, testicles and vascular studies It offers 4D ultrasound for babies, new cardiology imaging and better exploration of lesions and masses.

Patient Portal

You can sign up at the clinic for the Patient Portal and have access to your health information including test results, request an appointment or request a refill. For more information contact the Clinic.

Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine truck is coming every other Tuesday.

Digital Mammography

The mammography truck is now taking the images digitally which results in a sharper picture for better reading and diagnosing by the radiologists. The truck comes on Tuesdays, every 4 weeks.


The MRI truck comes to Cheyenne County Hospital on Friday of each week.


Nursing is live with Electronic documentation, Pharmacy, Medication Administering and Physician Order Entry.

Online Healthcare

Online healthcare is now a reality at Cheyenne County Hospital. We are happy that we can help our region by providing interactive healthcare services. Please try out our other online services.

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