Full-time Medical Technologist:
At the direction and control of the Lab Director, the Medical Technologist will perform and interpret routine and complex medical laboratory tests and examinations to obtain data for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, record results for review by physician/caregiver. Participate in specimen collection when required according to test requested, either directly, or by instructing patients or other healthcare providers in collection and preservation techniques for analysis. Assist physicians and other caregivers in advice and assistance in special specimen collections, such as bone marrow procedures. Set up equipment, instruments and apparatus required for specific laboratory tests. Identify, obtain, prepare and assess quality of specimens from patients by venipuncture or other methods as required using established techniques and procedures. Record culture media, chemicals, reagents, stains and solutions used in laboratory procedures. Understand, implement and support established laboratory Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Safety and Infection Control procedures/policies and documentation. Utilize various laboratory and hospital information systems and software. Maintain and troubleshoot, manual and automated laboratory equipment, including preventive maintenance. Communicate in a professional manner with patients, family, and other medical personnel as necessary to obtain information for laboratory records, explain procedures and clarify orders. Assist in the development and writing of new medical laboratory procedures and techniques. Provide technical guidance, instruction and training to students, and staff. Perform related duties incidental to the work described herein.

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