High 5 for Mom and Baby

The "High 5" Practices for Kansas Hospitals

1 Assure immediate and sustained skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby after birth.
2 Give newborn infants no food or drink other than breast milk, unless medically indicated.
3 Practice “rooming in” -- allow mothers and infants to remain together 24 hours a day.
4 Give no pacifiers or artificial nipples to breastfeeding infants.
5 Provide mothers options for breastfeeding support in the community (such as a telephone number, walk-in clinic information, support groups, etc.) upon discharge.

Our “High 5” are based on the most crucial of the 10 steps to successful breastfeeding specified for the Baby Friendly Hospital program. For a list of the 10 steps, go to http://www.babyfriendlyusa.org/about-us/baby-friendly-hospital-initiative/the-ten-steps. There is additional information about the Baby Friendly Hospital initiative on the site.

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