About Us

Great Plains Health Alliance

A World of Difference

The Great Plains Health Alliance is a combination of multiple hospitals in Kansas and Nebraska that combine to form a unique network of healthcare services. It is the largest not-for-profit management system in the nation, designed to work with communities and healthcare providers. Our effectiveness comes form sharing highly valued technology and information among multiple platforms from management to technology.

Proud To Be a Part of GPHA

Cheyenne County Hospital is proud to be a part of the Great Plains Health Alliance. We receive many benefits that are passed along directly to our patients and community in many forms. These programs are vital to keeping our healthcare costs down and equipment and technology up to date.

Additional Information

For additional information about how the Great Plains Health Alliance helps Cheyenne County Hospital and our clinics, feel free to contact us. If you would like to learn more about the GPHA, connect with their web site.