Cheyenne County Hospital is providing the service of Phillips Lifeline Medical Alert System to the community. 

This service offers a reliable and consistent means of help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. It helps county residents continue to live in their own home with a means of confidence. 
Whenever you need help, a press of the waterproof button worn around your neck or on your wrist will activate your unit and put you in touch with a caring person that will assist you. He or she will call one of your friends, neighbors or relatives (responders) who will come to your home to check on you, or if you need professional help, the ambulance will be called. If you press your button and they can't hear you, they will call for immediate help. 

Lifeline fees:

Auto Alert: $42/month (this button will call for help if you fall and are knocked unconscious) 
Go Safe Mobile button: $45/month (You can not have this button if you have a Pacemaker or Defibrillator)
Cost: $30 per month for regular button

Installation: A one-time fee of $50 

Installation information:

Installation is done by employees of the hospital and takes about 30 minutes. It includes putting in your unit and testing your button in locations inside and outside your home.
Installation can be done the same day you call most of time (Monday-Friday). 
For more information or to get Lifeline installed, call Shawna at 785-332-2104. 
Click here for a safety alert on the Lifeline personal help button.